Terminal 14

release date: 12.20.19 format(s): digital, cassette, vinyl

Terminal 14, located in Nebula IC 2118, acts as a home away from home for nomadic drifters, cargo crews, and mission men. This transmission depicts the stories shared on Terminal 14.

Public Access Radio

release date: 10.1.2019 format(s): digital

Transmission received July, 1969. Public broadcast date October, 2019.

Space Blues

release date: 08.30.2019 format(s): digital, cassette

The sounds on this tape are a collection of recordings detected by our communication satellites. It is believed that these recordings tell the struggles of a stranded reconnaissance team on a planet in the virgo supercluster. Stories of heartbreak, memories, nomadic travelers and nostalgia are translated throughout this transmission. The current status of the team is unknown.

Vibe With Me

release date: 07.16.2019 format(s): digital

Encyclopedia Galactica 116th Edition. Sounds from the Dark Cosmos.

Not Just One Thing

release date: 05.13.2019 format(s): digital

Hip-hop is not just one thing.

City Nights

release date: 01.11.2019 format(s): digital, vinyl

Soundtrack for city nights and city streets.


release date: 07.16.2018 format(s): digital

Nautical archive and celebration of an underwater civilization of refugees at an undisclosed location.


release date: 02.25.2018 format(s): digital

Terminal 41 is forced to flee to seek salvation and respite.

Transmission 7

release date: 10.28.2017 format(s): digital, vinyl

7th catalogue from z8 GND 5296 in its entirety.

Places and Spaces

release date: 09.24.2017 format(s): digital, vinyl

Field recordings from Bernal Sphere 3.

From Past To Future

release date: 03.19.2017 format(s): digital, vinyl

From past to future, signals drift through millions of miles of space loosing very little intensity along the way.


release date: 01.19.2017 format(s): digital, vinyl

"What does tomorrow look like?" Estimated transmission distance: 125 AU

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